Dirtiest Trials Of The Decade   - The Tragedy of Who's Who Worldwide Registry

Reed Elsevier, as the most cash-flowing, influential-rich publisher on earth,
has won every battle it has fought in 14 years.
When they decide it's time for dirty trials and lawyers, look out.
The ultimate in corporate and government corruption.

What court would ignore this?
Yet, this is the same federal judge who'd dismissed the case before!
Poof - 20,000,000-dollar per year company gone instantly!

What court would ignore this?
Yet, this is the same federal judge who'd dismissed the case before!
See the numbers yourself         Strictly Politics  Judge?

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Million-dollar con man testifying to stay out of prison

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For 100 years, Marquis Who's Who was the premiere Who's Who organization out of as many as 1700 Who's Who organizations. Only one true competitor came along, Who's Who Worldwide Registry, which created an actual executive networking membership, for Presidents, CEO's, Chairman of the Boards, Directors, and other true corporate and institutional leaders:
thousands of extraordinarily successful people.

WWW Registry went past Marquis' mere 10,000 listees, with a robust 74,000 members,
roughly 80% of whom were, and are, in the top three institutional ranks.

Reed Elsevier, using cash, corruption, and their unrestricted influence upon the legal and judicial communities in which Reed Elsevier reigns supreme, they crushed Who's Who Worldwide,
and took a small handful of salespeople as political prisoners.

What a total, silent scandal.

Question is, who will help these hard-working, honest... ... political prisoners?

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Dirtiest Trials Of The Decade   - The Tragedy of Who's Who Worldwide Registry

Stop telling us what you can do.
Try showing us what you can do.

Better yet, show the most important face you're likely to wash today.

Actions tell us more than words.

If you don't, who will?

Who could be a better champion for you, a better coach and cheerleader,
than the person most likely to most affected in this lifetime by what you do?

Worst Judges In America - any list would have to include Arthur Spatt.
Judge Spatt studied this case for many months, with decades of repute for cogitating.
Dismissing the case, finding there was no crime committed, particularly by the salespeople,
and when his Reed Elsevier-owned "superiors" on the Appeals Court overturned him

Judge Arthur Spatt then set about proving himself one of the worst judges in America, decisively.

Refusing to separate trials with defendants who had never met or even heard of each other,
refusing to allow an articulate defendant to defend himself when his attorney proved useless.
How do you tolerate a defense in one of the longest trials in federal history with never a motion?)
How do you tolerate a DEFENSE lawyer telling the jury he will come back and ask them to find his client guilty?

How do you justify a jury tainted so many times and ways, including employees of the plaintiff being on the jury?

One juror swore that a female defendant's Mercedes struck the juror's Mercedes in the court parking lot.
Outrageously imputing wealth - let alone the stupidity of owning a Mercedes - repudiates truth in scurrilous fashion.
This one presentation is directlly opposite to MisterShortcut's many years of donating 90 percent of all income.
Only after days of further poisoining the jury and sending notes demanding payment was she released.
Jurors at the end of trial offering tearful apologies to defendants and defense attorneys?
One juror refused even one day off to bury his father, insisting on trial participation.
Another juror tearfully reporting outrageous and illicit pressures in the jury room,
only to be admonished by the judge. When this bright, articulate woman persisted,
this clearly intimidated juror repeating some serious and actionable accusations,
Judge Arthur Spatt literally screamed at the women, ordering her back into deliberations,
adding to the many discrete reasons for describing Arthur Spatt as one of the worst judges in America.

When a trial transcript yields no less than dozens of solid reasons to overturn - dozens -
there can hardly be viable refute to assigning to Arthur Spatt appropriate description.
Therefore, Judge Arthur Spatt is nominated to be named worst judge in America.
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Empower yourself with the greatest secrets and shortcuts.
These are the secrets and shortcuts of those who know and do better than you,
masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, the "horse's mouth."
If you do not get your best information from the mouth of the horse,
pray tell us at which end of the horse we can regularly find you.
Shhhh. Less talking, more doing. This is one of your secrets.
The more you help the helpless, the more you are helped.
Newton's Third of Law has proven wiser than your laws.
Stop forming opinions before you glean experience.

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