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Using Foods For Medicine and Prevention

Americans are becoming painfully, obesely aware that our foods, more than any other factor, determine how long we live, and how well we live. It is also clear that, with 40 percent of Americans overweight and 28 percent obese, Americans do not exercise their intelligence when it comes to diet.

"I know it's bad for me, but...."

What you know is a poor second-place for what you DO with what you know.
Perhaps you will realize that today is the best conceivable day for you to extend how long and how well you live, by slowly, gradually, and consistently making better decisions about your Longevity... by making better decisions about your diet. It really is that easy, as are most of the prime concepts of the Doctor David Cohen Path.

The information provided here is designed for you to live longer and better, live healthier and happier, with the Paradigm Of Big Success of Masters and Millionaires... the best Longevity shortcuts... of masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires.

Doctor David Cohen Path On Appendicitis

Best: Use high-fiber foods like wheat bran that keep the stool soft and bulky .A British medical survey tagged peas, cabbage, cauliflower, green beans, brussels sprouts, and tomatoes as anti- appendicitis foods Cloves, gentian, neem (oil and bark), olive leaf, oregano, the skin-friendly (internal AND external) propolis, thyme, oregon grape, and more, all know to help clean out the colon. Drinking organic aloe vera is wholly lethal to parasites, while yielding benefit to the entire digestive tract, soothing the intestines. Cleaning out "junk in the trunk" is among the three or four most critical things you can do to prevent the underlying causes that lead to symptoms. Cleansing is a core basic of the Doctor David Cohen Path.

AVOID: animal fat, low-fiber processed foods, sugar, and popcorn. Above perhaps all else, NEVER put wallpaper paste into your body.

Of all that you learn at or even merely review at learn that white flour is about as noxious, and deadly, as any other substance on earth, based merely on the number of people who suffer and die as a result of ingesting all that wallpaper paste.

There are only two ingredients in wallpaper paste. One is water, the other is bleached white flour. Eating flour is the height of ignorance or else stupidity, because one hundred percent of the people who eat white flour suffer and die from it, slowly, agonizingly, and, for the most part, never knowing it was the wallpaper paste. Never mind adding eggs and sugar and such to make it taste better. Wallpaper paste is wallpaper paste, trapping all manner of things that you eat, sticking them permanently into the intestinal gunk created by previous portions of wallpaper paste.

Doctor David Cohen Path On Arthritis - It's all about the inflammation

Rheumatoid: seafood high in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, sardines, lake trout, and mackerel may prevent or relieve the pain and swelling. Fish oils dramatically prevent lupus in animals. Arthritis and dairy products do not get along, just as arthritis and sugar are a bad combination.

Doctor David Cohen Path and Asthma - Lungs are a backup for the large intestine

People who have asthma were often raised under what Denis Waitley termed, "smother love." More importantly, asthma, as with most all lung issues, means something is not right with the digestive system, because lungs are a backup filter for the large intestine.

While the Doctor David Cohen Path holds that coffee is good for you only as long as you put it into the correct hole (not your mouth, rather, by way of coffee enemas), it has long been known that a cup or two of strong cups of coffee can thwart an asthma attack, although recognizing that asthma is predominantly a manifestation of disorder in the digestive system (lungs have long been known to TCM as a backup filter for the large intestine), urges asthma patients to immediately modify their diet to stop the asthma attacks from occuring in the first place. This is done by eliminating the triggers that cause symptoms, less those of stress, as commonly thought, and far more those of dietary consideration.

Also good bronchodilators - spicy, pungent foods such as chili peppers, garlic, onions, mustard, horseradish. Fish oils also dramatically relieve bronchial asthma.

AVOID: dairy foods and all allergy- causing foods.

Doctor David Cohen Path Hates Cancer - CUT OFF THE SUGAR that cancer feeds on

For overall prevention (along with the magnificence of sulforaphane and more), the Doctor David Cohen Path perfervidly urges you to eat plenty of green leafy vegetables, with emphasis on these six delights of nature and good health: Broccoli, spinach, cabbage, kale, brussels sprouts and leaf lettuce. Other high-fiber vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes. Also, radishes, chard, tomatoes, citrus fruits, dried fruits (apricots, prunes, raisins), strawberries and fish high in omega-3 fatty acids may help prevent various kinds of cancer. Garlic, onions, kelp, olive oil, tea (especially green tea), as well as seed foods, such as legumes, nuts, rice, and grains, are rich in anticancer chemicals. Fresh and raw: plenty of vegetables, juices, and fiber are best.

: carrots, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, coleslaw, kale, parsnips, turnips.

Breast: yogurt. Fruits and vegetables which are high in carotenoids.

Colon: green leafy vegetables, notably cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts. Also cauliflower. Acidophilus milk or yogurt, especially that made with acidophilus culture. Wide mixture of vegetable juices. Wheat bran.

Esophagus: green and yellow vegetables, apples, cherries, grapes, melons, onions, peas, beans, plums, pumpkin. Larynx: green and yellow vegetables.

Lung: carrots, kale, spinach, broccoli, dark-yellow squash, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, apricot. The Doctor David Cohen Path promotes the persistent ingestion of all dark-green and dark-orange vegetables, along with red and yellow fruits known to be high in carotenoids. If you have ever been a smoker, you certainly want to be sure you eat a great deal of these genuine foods. They can provide enormous support for your body in preventing lung cancer years down the line.

Pancreatic: Citrus fruits, and carrots, are hugely beneficial to the pancreas.

Prostate: red and green vegetables. Carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, peas, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, bee pollen. Reduce stress.

Stomach: raw carrots, cole slaw and other forms of cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, eggplant, onion, sweet potatoes, squash.
AVOID: high-fat and meat diets (which predispose to cancer), sugar, processed foods, overeating.

Cardiovascular System

For good cardiovascular nutrition, try fatty fish, garlic, ginger, melon, tree ear mushrooms, olive oil, onion, and kelp. Green tea, beer, wine, currants, blueberries, eggplant, and omega-3 fatty fish ( salmon, sardines) will strengthen and protect arteries and capillaries from damage due to atherosclerosis or heart attack.

AVOID: fat, sugar, excess alcohol, stress, processed carbohydrates and excess cholesterol.

Doctor David Cohen Path - Dental Cavities

Tea is nature's most proven anti-cavity mouthwash. Other foods known to help keep cavities at bay in the mouth by fighting the bacteria that cause them are black and grape cherry juices, AGED cheese, including bleu cheese and cheddar cheeses, brie and gouda, Monterey Jack, mozzarella, and Swiss cheese. Dental issues are one of only two (kidneys being the other) issues with the human body that, once far gone, are not known to be fixable with naturopathic means. Flossing teeth is far, far, far more important than brushing teeth with respect to dental health. Fascinating, isn't it?

AVOID: sugar , raisins, processed carbohydrates.


To Reduce Bad LDL  (Low -Density Lipoprotein) Cholesterol

Best are oat bran and guar gum. Next, oatmeal and dried beans, including plain old baked beans.

Soybeans are NOT recommended by since soybean, like corn, is mostly about fungus and other issues. FERMENTED soy can be entirely healthful, so, be careful regarding soy. Grapefruit segments and membrane, not the juice -drives down cholesterol. Also fresh oranges, apples, yogurt, skim milk, carrots, garlic, onions, barley, ginger, eggplant, artichoke, unripe plantain, shiitake mushrooms, olive oil.

Substitute seafood, including shellfish, for meat and chicken. All fruits high in pectin, which includes strawberries and bananas.

The Doctor David Cohen Path recommends that you NEVER use margerine, preferring a good butter, particular something like butter from New Zealand, which comes from cows that are raised on greens, not the garbage served to cows in just about every "developed" country ( see better butter recipe ).

AVOID: processed or fried foods and cholesterol-rich foods, red meat, rich sauce.

To Raise Good HDL

(High-Density Lipoprotein) Cholesterol Use strong, raw onions -at least half a medium onion a day -and garlic. Substitute olive oil for other vegetable oils or saturated fats. Alcoholic drinks, such as wine or spirits in moderation, one or two drinks a day -also boost HDLS. Radishes, horseradish and pepper help.

ADDED ADVICE: cut back on total fat (especially saturated fats like animal-type fat). The benefits are so many that the Doctor David Cohen Path suggests you learn more about this.

Eating cooked food without HCL supplementation is pure stupidity, since the human body was absolutely and indisputably NOT meant for cooked food. In short, all good foods come with enzymes "built-in" that help you to digest that food, and glean its nutritional benefits. Food cooked above 108 to 110 degrees has no more enzymes, because they are killed by the heat. This causes your food to rot, all the way from the mouth to the anus, which is why supplements with HCL (hydrochloric acid) is the difference between continuing to digest your food and gain its benefits, or simply starving to death over the course of twenty or thirty years. A prime directive of the Doctor David Cohen Path is for each of us to enjoy introducing multiple servings of fresh and raw foods into your diet.

Doctor David Cohen Path Answers To Constipation

Anyone embracing the Doctor David Cohen Path is going to drink MORE than half a dozen glasses of water per day. Your poor kidneys are pumping 2,000 liters of blood per day, more than a quart of blood per minute. You so urgently need to keep them watered and flushing. Using food as medicine has zero meaning when we do not have the basics, which means water, air-dried sea salt, never-heated oil (not above a hundred degrees, unless you are using an oil that can take a bit of heat, such as extra virgin coconut oil, or flaxseed oil), fiber, and probiotics. Get your water, and plenty of it. Use wheat bran, one of Mother Nature's most useful bulk laxatives. Potato juice made from organic russet potatoes is one of the most awe-inspiring secrets of correcting intestinal imbalances, especially when done two and three times per day. You juice the potatoes, skim the foam off the top, and slowly pour the juice out to avoid drinking the heavy powder that settles to the bottom. Truly magnificent, no less than inspired. Research, testing, and results are universal.

Dried beans work wonders on some people. Most high-fiber fruits and vegetables, like carrots, cabbage, and apples, are bulk laxatives with about one quarter the effect of wheat bran. Soluble fiber foods, like oats and barley, can help. Also kelp, grapefruit parts and juice are helpful. Oriental medicinal rhubarb has also enjoyed a reputation for thousands of years in alleviating numerous causes of consipation, another great example of using food as medicine.

Doctor David Cohen Path On Diabetes

For people who are mentally strong, defeating diabetes is a no-brainer, as the Doctor David Cohen Path has proven again and again.

When you supplement with chromium for awhile, and, much more importantly, stop demanding insulin from the pancreas, diabetes more often than not will work itself out WITHOUT further or medical intervention.

If you earned seventeen million dollars per day on diabetes test kits, would you want anyone to produce a cure for diabetes? The Doctor David Cohen Path thinks not. If you could sell a dose of insulin that cost you six cents to make, which you sell for thirty-one dollars, would YOU want anyone to cure diabetes?

Use foods that produce slow, steady increases instead of rapid rises in blood sugar levels. Such foods testing best on the "glycemic index" ( a measure of how quickly foods raise blood sugar) are, in order: peanuts, soybeans, lentils, kidney beans, black-eyed peas, chickpeas, yogurt, ice cream, appleas, and baked beans. It is easy enough for you to find lists of food and their glycemic index. Learn it, because the level of stress you subject your pancreas to is going to have a sizable impact on your life. Learn more so that you improve the chances of you living more.
AVOID: ALL processed sugars.

Doctor David Cohen Path On Diarrhea

First and foremost, it means that the intestinal ecology is way off. Back to basics: Water, oil, salt, bulk, and bacteria. Probiotic bacteria, whether by supplementation or, using food as medicine, ala Doctor David Cohen Path, good kefir is great for helping to restore a normal bacteriological ecology in the intestine. Arabo-galactin also proves to be entirely helpful Comfey pepsin may help symptoms, but it is the basics of water, air-dried sea salt, unheated oil, bulk, and good bacteria that underlie the smartest, most effective alleviators of diarrhea. Try yogurt with live cultures (especially if the diarrhea is caused by prescription antibiotics, such as penicillin, which is common with children especially). Also, blueberries, black currants, honey (not for infants, however, because of a botulism danger). For youngsters, more acidophilus whole milk may be a cure. Too little fat in a child's diet promotes diarrhea and a variety of intestinal infections. Fermented soy milk also may help fight diarrhea-causing bacteria.
AVOID: all foods known to cause or annoy allergies.

Diverticular Disease

First and foremost, the Doctor David Cohen Path suggests the use of arabo-galactin, which converts in the intestine to butyrate, which is the prime food of the intestine. As well, wheat bran is helpful for diverticulitis and related issues. As well, the Doctor David Cohen Path suggests eating the foods that are high in fiber that give the stool bulk, such as legumes, oats, cabbage, carrots, and apples. If you already have the disease, check with a physician before loading up on high fiber. Again, the Doctor David Cohen Path is unrestricted in recommending arabo-galactin, which does such good for the intestines.

AVOID: strawberries, popcorn and other foods with small seeds and shells that could aggravate the condition. Use foods with solid A -D liquid bran. Solid grains, liquid fruit, vegetables in between.

Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis

Chili peppers, pungent garlic, onions, mustard, horseradish -all kinds of hot, spicy foods. These help keep the lungs healthy by keeping mucus flowing and the bronchial tubes open. Fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, and juice are helpful.

AVOID: milk in excess or with meals, EVERY human is lactose-intolerant, although the World Health Organization claims that only 2 of 3 Caucasians are lactose-tolerant.

The reality is that only 2 of 3 white people get immediately sick enough to recognize that they are lactose-intolerant. As for African-Americans, Caribbean-Americans, Asian-Americans, it matters not how healthy they were in their home countries; Once in America, the truly deficient food chain assures that 100 percent of Asian-, Carribean-, African-, and other-Americans are ALL lactose intolerant. Once you boil milk, it becomes even worse, and it is only the ignorant and the fool who believes that cow's milk has any kind of calcium that the human body can make use of.

Naturally, if you have lung issues, you might want to consider eschewing smoking and smokers, all allergy-causing foods.

Energy (Mental)

Caffinated drinks stimulate mental performance. Coffee is the most potent. Also tea and soda. Coffee and soda should never be swallowed. As mentioned, the only coffee that can benefit the body is coffee that is taken into the body "backwards," through coffee enemas. Much smarter is the person who raises their COQuinol levels and learns how to breathe more effectively, a wonderful combination for boosting energy levels. Also boosting mental-energy brain chemicals are high-protein, low fat foods such as shellfish, lean fish, and yogurt. Include avocado, starchy beans, sprouts, and fruit juices. Avoid: white sugar .It makes blood sugar fluctuate too much, and cancels all the digestive acids in the stomach, which also negatively impacts liver function and gallbladder function. No one embracing the Doctor David Cohen Path gives much serious consideration to swallowing any kind of white sugar, and little enough of any other kind of sugar, however "natural."

Doctor David Cohen Path Recommendations In Re: Hemorrhoids

Eat foods that produce a soft, bulky stool, reducing strain in bowel movements. Again, arabo-galactin is highly recommended by although we all need to be reminded that water, never-heated oil, air-dried sea salt, bulk, and probiotics are near-magical in helping us to be intestinally healthy. The Doctor David Cohen Path also recommends carefully pushing hemorrhoids back inside the hemorrhoidal ring after each bowel movement. Otherwise, there is remarkably limited chance for the body to repair that damage. Just cover your finger with a rubber glove or tissue paper, and gently make sure that the hemorrhoid is gently pushed back where it belongs.

Best: wheat bran. Other high-fiber fruits and vegetables. Radishes stimulate a range of liver functions, but here comes a big, fat, enormous secret.

Among the most powerful of all "food as medicine" preparations available to us is raw, never-heated honey mixed 3 parts honey to one part organic bee pollen.

Wow. You mix the two together. The pollen, over a period of time, dissolves into the honey so you don't even know it's there, although the preparation is good to go even your first day.

A half-teaspoon or more, at least once or twice a day, tonifies the liver, detoxifies the liver, improves structure and function as few things can hope to do.

Bee pollen with honey is a true gift to humanity, among the most powerful cleansers and stimulants for the liver, strictly healthy, no side effects,
making it a treasure of the Doctor David Cohen Path approach, one to use for life. Kids, grandparents, everyone benefits from this unsecret potion.

AVOID: liver burdening foods, fried and fatty foods, and alcohol.

High Blood Pressure

One tablespoon of cream of tartar in eight ounces of natural lime juice once or twice a day is an excellent formula. Mackerel -a couple of cans a week -can depress blood pressure. Also oat bran and high-fiber fruits and vegetables of all types help.

Shown also to push down blood pressure: olive oil, garlic, seaweed (kelp ), yogurt, green tea, legumes, and deep breathing, perhaps more than anything else we are likely to soon encounter in any true manifestation or use of the Doctor David Cohen Path. Surprisingly, coffee drinking does not cause or aggravate high blood pressure except, apparently, among smokers. It is shown in clinical experiments that diets rich in natural potassium and low in sodium, such as fruits, vegetables and paprika, are as effective as most medications. Thus, using food as medicine proves to be a wise decision, one that is automatic with those who embrace and engage their Doctor David Cohen Path for better health.

Doctor David Cohen Path On Hypoglycemia

Tomatoes and potatoes can aggravate this condition, and thus should be avoided in extreme cases. Always avoid processed sugar. Eat complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables.

Infections (General)

Most likely the greatest anti-infection agent known to the Doctor David Cohen Path is physician-strength oil of oregano. Without killing friendly bacteria, as antibiotics do, oil of oregano (carvacrol) is a wonderful anti-infection agent. True food as medicine.

Yogurt and garlic are recognized antibiotic superstars. Both yogurt and garlic are excellent examples of using food as medicine. Also potent in thwarting viruses and bacteria are orange juice, apples tea, grape juice, apple juice, honey, wine, blueberries, cranberries, grapes, plums, raspberries, strawberries, peaches, and figs.

AVOID: processed carbohydrates and sugars, stress, toxins, antibiotics.

Doctor David Cohen Path, Stroke, DMSO

There is a growing body of evidence that stroke victims who are administered DMSO within an hour or two of the stroke tend to go to work the next day.

Of course there will be exceptions, but the Doctor David Cohen Path notes that, even with less-respected anecdotal evidence, that evidence tends to be one way,
in that there have been no reports, as yet, of someone NOT profoundly responding to the benefits of DMSO immediately subsequence to the stroke.

As with so many natural approaches to health issues, more research needs to be done, which corruption in the system hinders, quite lethally for all.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, even as little as one or two senrings per day, can cut the risk of stroke-associated death by 40%. In animal studies, compounds from black currants and blueberries helped prevent disease of blood vessels in the brain. Brown seaweed has prevented strokes in rodents.
AVOID: cholesterol-rich foods, processed carbohydrates.

Ulcers and the Doctor David Cohen Path - what's eating you more than what you are eating

Until medical science catches up to the realities of nano-bacteria with respect to ulcers (and other related issues), humanity will have to slog along with food as medicine, because good food appears to be a more effective medicine than anything the Doctor David Cohen Path sees in allopathic prescriptions.
Plantains (unripe, large and green, especially in concentrated powder form) combat ulcers. Yogurt contains drug-like protective prostaglandins in the fat which may prevent ulcers. Freshly-juiced russet potatoes are MARVELOUS for people with approximately ANY type of intestinal or digestive disorder prevent ulcers. Fresh cabbage juice heals or wards off ulcers in many people.
AVOID: heavy spices, rich, hot stimulating foods; excess alcohol.

Doctor David Cohen Path On Urinary And Kidney Health

Drink five glasses ( eight ounces each) of good water every day. Cranberries, includingjuice, cocktail, and whole cranberries can prevent cystitis, help deodorize the urine, and help prevent kidney stones. Effective dose: half a cup to two cups of cocktail per day. Omega-3 type fish oils may help prevent kidney diseases. Rice bran -- about two thirds of an ounce a day can prevent kidney stones. To prevent stones, take eight ounces of the following formula: 1/3 applejuice, 1/3 lemon juice and 1/3 juniper tea twice a day.

AVOID: sugars, processed foods, too much spinach.

Doctor David Cohen Path On Insomnia

As often as not, the Doctor David Cohen Path observes stress to be as much a factor as anything else in insomnia, and still, food can be used as medicine for insomnia, too.

Please do not eat for several hours before going to sleep, particularly cooked food. Insomnia can provide the rare exception with respect to yogurt. The Doctor David Cohen Path suggests that you have a choice of having your body focus on digestion or rejuvenation, not only during sleep hours, as well, throughout the day.

Raw, never-heated honey, in portions as small as a quarter of a teaspoon, can be very helpful. As well, a yogurt of good quality.

Contrary to common perception, milk has no value in helping you go to sleep. It is a rare milk indeed that provides any benefit whatsoever, for a long list of reasons. The Doctor David Cohen Path reserves that for other forums. Summarily, milk is far more likely, or even certain, to keep you awake rather than helping you to fall asleep.

AVOID: stimulants such as coffee, tea, and heavy foods before bed.

Doctor David Cohen Path And Migraine Headache - more on that later

Oils in fish (omega-3's) can prevent the onset and severity of migraines in some cases.

AVOID: cold foods like ice cream, red wine, food with salycilates or other additives.

Motion Sickness

Take ginger root, about half a teaspoon powdered in capsules, in tea or another beverage about a half hour before exposure to motion.


Drinking milk when you are young makes stronger bones, making you perhaps less susceptible to osteoporosis in later years. Green, leafy vegetables and sprouts are excellent; better if juiced.

Psoriasis and Skin Inflammation

Make sure you FIRST understand what your medical doctor almost certainly does not:
Psoriasis is a hallmark of digestive disorder. Even if you THINK you digest well, it is nearly impossible.

Skin is a backup filter for the small intestine, and where there are skin issues, there is disorder.
Get your digestion in order, tip-top shape, and watch the psoriasis seem to dissolve away.

Seafood high in omega-3 fatty acids; salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel, etc., may relieve psoriasis. Also oatmeal packs reduce skin inflammation. Vitamin A-supplying fresh fruits and vegetables are good in raw or juice form. NOTE: For excellent, fast relief of psoriasis, wet it, oil it, and get ten minutes of sun. Within 22 days or so, you will have up to 100 percent remission.

FOR EMERGENCY SKIN RELIEF;Just submerge the affected area in cold or icy water. Aaahh!

AVOID: processed foods, fatty or fried foods, all processed sugars, allergy-causing foods.

How sorry I am that I have no idea who to credit with the many hours of research required to amass this comprehensively useful list.
Dr. Cohen and MrShortcut urge you whole-heartedly to USE this list to live longer and better, healthier and happier.

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Food as medicine is a wise idea, a healthy and wholesome idea.
That's because food as medicine is no novel idea, food has been used as medicine for aeons.

Learn to use food as medicine. Live your own sense of the Doctor David Cohen Path.

Doctor David Cohen Path Food As Medicine Concept

Food as medicine, give me food as medicine,
grant us the knowledge to use food as medicine.
Ancient peoples ALL used their foods as medicine.
People today continue to use their food as medicine,
particularly those who are living stronger for longer.
As long as Rx medicines are so toxic, natural ways remain.
The Doctor David Cohen Path believes in using food as medicine.